1. Fish, crude oil, diamonds, gold, silver, metal ores, gravel, copper, nickel, manganese, iron, and cobalt.
2. Because the sediment is not easy to bring to the surface of the water.
3. With loud noises, large waves, and hitting and killing animals.
4. Because phytoplankton accounts for almost 90% of the world’s oxygen production because water covers about 70% of the Earth and phytoplankton are abundant in he photic zone of the surface layers. Some of the oxygen produced is absorbed by the ocean, but most flows into the atmosphere where it becomes available for oxygen dependent forms.
5. Can cause larger animals to get hyperthermia, birds to lose the ability to fly and float on the water, and small plankton can be killed by the petroleum in the oil.
6. About the size of Texas.
7. They are suffering from malnutrition because they are eating the plastic that has no nutritional value and the garbage is blocking some of there water source.
8. Coral is not plant or rock. It is composed of fragile animals that are called coral polyps.
9. Coral polyps form thin layers on large coral reefs, which are mounds of dead coral polyp skeletons. These are always just re-layering themselves.
10. 37 million gallons.
11. 5%.
12. A small drop of oil.
13. Small plankton.
14. It can get on them and not allow them to fly or float. If they are not taken care of, they will die.
15. Hyperthermia.