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I am very out going like to swim. My favorite color is red and pink love to sleep. I also like to ride my four wheeler and take care of my older brother.

Uses of The Allegheney

Allegheny National Forest is located in the Northwestern Pennsylvania. It covers over 500,000 acres of land. Today the allegheny pleateau is know for the black cheery, maple, and other hardwoods. It has disturbances such as turnado's, blowdown, and ice storms which are common natural events. The European settlers reached the area in the early 1800s. For the total population and all race-by-sex demographic group tables. The sum of these population estimates equals the population of people age 16 and older. The NSRE data set is large and includes interviews of more than 81,000 persons age 16 and older nationwide. For being the very large, the NSRE data allowed participation rate estimates for more than 150 sob-sate local ares. The local area is roughly defined to include all counties which center point lies within 75 miles of the county. That makes the 75-mile distance is generally considered to be about an hour and a half to two hours driving distance. The 2000 2004 National survey on Recreation and the Environment it was the 8th series of national recreation surveys that began in 1960.
The top 3 events in Nature-Based Land Activities
1.Day Hiking
2. Visit a wilderness or primitive area
3. Visit a farm agricultural setting

The top 3 events in Viewing Learning Activities
1. View/photograph natural scenery
2. Visit nature centers, etc.
3. Sightseeing

The top 3 events in Developed-Setting Land Activities
1. Walk for pleasure
2. Family gathering
3. Picnicking

The top 3 events in Water-Based Activities
1. Swimming in an outdoor pool
2. Swimming in lakes, streams, etc.
3. Visit a beach

The top 3 events in Snow/Ice-Based Activities
1. Snow/ice activities (any type)
2. Downhill skiing
3. Snowmobling

Water Shortages

1. Use a low-flow shower head and take a shorter showers.
2. Check your sinks, indoor and outdoor facuets, pipes, toilets, even your meter for leaks.
3. Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water rather than under a running facuet.
4. Instead of washing your car by hand, go to a professional car wash.

Water Pollution Activity A

  • Pennsylvania
  • Dietrich's Milk Products- Violations 18; Dry, condensed, and Evaporated Dairy Products
  • Galetion Borough Authority WWTP- Violations 8; Sewerage Systems
  • International Waxes Farmers- Violations 10; Products of Petroleum and Coal

  • North Dakota
  • Missle Alert Facilities- Violations 3; Sewerage Systems
2. The places we looked and talked about were pretty much dealing with sewerage problems. Also this kind of pollutant is non-point source. Most of these problems we're dealing with were in the city areas.

3.The reason are non point source is because the garbage was not dumped directly into the streams and oceans, it was running through the sewerage pipes. (the same question and answer is in the upper question)

Activity B

1. Its a problem because its killing off all our species and the garbage that is littered on different part of the land can affect what can grow there and the soil as well as it can harm young children and other small animals.

2.(Humans) It can carry small diseases with it which can give the people an affect of how long they can live. (Aquatic Organisms) They can crawl into items that people carry along with them and then in bed themselves into peoples skin which can put a pretty bad affect on a human being; especially ticks that have diseases.

3. They should pick up the are that people are throwing there wastes on and i think that signs need to be on the land saying something like if you are cought than you will get a fine. People are rude and no thinking about what they are doing to the land and things that live on the land and feed off it. Its killing animals and destroying the land so things cant grow on it.

Answers to Global Warming Questions Nouns:

What is global warming?
Answer-It's an increase in the average temp. of the earth's atmosphere.

What would happen if the world ran out of coal, iron, and steel?
Answer-We would have to use another fuel, that the world would cease to exist without steel.

Why do the glaciers in the north melt?
Answer- Cause we are leaving behind Ice age, and the Earth gradually warms, the glaciers formed in the Ice age begin to melt.

If global warming gets any worse where will the artic animals go?
Answer- The global warming is making it really difficult for them to live, many of the animals have to adjust their current habits, taking risks they have never taken before.

How long can global warming last?
Answer- Global warming is happening now and there is no possible way to stop it.

Can Global warming happen to us?
Answer-It will happen less then 10 years its already happening but in the future it is going to get worse.

What is global warming?
Answer: an increase in the average temperature of the earths atmosphere especially a sustained increase sufficient to cause climate change (or in other words... its an increase in the earths atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution.

How bad can global warming be for us humans and the earth?
Answer: Global warming is a gradual increase in planet wide temperatures. *This can be caused badly by climate changes and humans could cause it as well. But human health is at stake.

What causes Carbon Dioxide and air ?
Answer: Gas chemistry, ocean and soil processes and the atmospheric effects of weather patterns.


Car Activity

Yukon XL
Things that can effect the MPG
  • How and where you drive
  • Vehicle condition and maintenance
  • Fuel variations
  • Engine Break-In

Engine Size 5.31 v8 Flex fuel
Tire Size 22inch
Tank Capacity 31
MPG 15 city 21 highway
Weight 5740 Ibs
The Yukon is least fuel efficent because it will get less gas mileage cause of a bigger engine and tires. Want to make sure air pressure is equal in all four tires you get better gas mileage.


Dodge Neon
Tire Size p 175 70R 14
Engine Size 4-2 OL
Weight 20. 179
MPG 27 city/ 33 highway
Dodge Neon the features are more fuel efficent because its getting better gas mileage cause it has a smaller engine. Plus you wanna do the same make sure all four tires have equal air pressure.
Neon 10 gallon tank.


Oil is more than Energy

How is oil production/distribution as well as political and economic issues related?
More oil production makes the economy costs rise and have economic issues and politic issues that deal with oil.

View this resource to see where we get our oil: http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2010/01/oil_imports_security.html
Chad- Algeria Colombia
Write 5 statements that are concerns expressed in this article.
1. climate change
2. Oil spills in the weather
3. Food and water shortages
4. Diseases such as malaria
5. Rising sea levels

What do you think? Research more information if needed to back up your statements.
I think oil is grose and harms living things but we need oil to help people out.


Essay Topic:

  1. Why cant we use less lights in the gym's.
  • Change lights to small bulbs to save energy.
  • Compact Fluorescent bulbs saves energy and money.
  • Turn off lights when your not using the gym. Consider "occupancy sensors".
  • Close Doors
  • Occupancy Sensors reduce energy shutting off lights during periods of non-use.
  • ----

They can eliminate 20%--80% of lighting energy costs.
  • (www.google.com) Under Occupancy Sensors-ProLighting.com
  • There are two kinds of occupancy sensor lights, ultrasonic sensors that detect to sound. Then there is infrared sensors that detect from heat and motion.
  • If we use less lights in the gym there are to many to be on at once.
  1. Use the heaters and air conditioners when needed.
  2. Buy things that you can reuse to save energy and time.


There is a problem in our school I have noticed that we have two gyms and the lights are on no matter what. I have talked with people around the school and they thought maybe we save up energy and money by turning off lights in gyms and locker rooms when not it use. I have looked and most schools are changing their light bulbs to fluorescent to save up energy and money. The schools are also turning off the lights and shutting doors. I think that maybe we should try the occupancy sensors they really reduce the energy and money. I think they should be placed in classrooms, gyms, and locker rooms. That might encourage other schools in the state to try them. They are to turn off when there no heat motion in the room once there is motion they turn on. It saves us 20% to 80% of our energy cost. So this why I think it would be a great idea for our school to use occupancy sensors.

The Land:

I think we should keep lands and parks. Because it's land and we need it more than highways and roads. People use their land in different ways. Owners should be alowed to sell their land the way they want to. Land seems important we can use it in many different ways and it's always there.