Finding search terms

Use to enter a search term (use en.wikipedia). It will then give you related search terms that you can click on to go directly to wikipedia or use the term to use any search engine to find information.

Adding a reference to your information

  • Enter your information. At the end, type the following (make sure you put your website in instead of
After you save, a number will appear and the link will appear as a footnote on your page.

Using images and materials from the web

  • Sprixi is a great site for free to use pictures that are already attributed with the owners name.
  • Link to flickr creative commons:
  • Flickr storm:
  • When using flickr pictures, be sure to give credit to the owner of the picture by typing next to the picture: Picture by flickr user (insert their name)
  • When using wikipedia pictures, give the link to the wikipedia article that has the pictures.
  • Great site to search flickr creative commons pictures: Be sure the top of the page looks like this picture (click on each of the blue words to change them.)

Finding definitions easily online

Send a pic to our class flickr account
Link to class flickr pictures:

How to cite sources

View this source.

Study tips

Simple wikipedia

This link has easier to understand definitions with many of the unnecessary information removed:

How to write better

Using diigo for bookmarking

Create a graph

Editing pictures

Use this free site:

Citation site

Free music for projects
free multimedia links

Online photo editing